pinky stones

Sunday, April 09, 2006

New semester has started

Cherry, cherry, cherry and you...

About a week ago, my school started. I became 2nd grade this year. I hope this year will also be wonderful. From this year, my classroom, homeroom teacher and the schedule was changed. My classroom changed to mcuh bigger room than before. We have big space so we often play with in our room. It was good changing but the schedule... of course not bad. I can study English more but it's really hard for me. Today we have 5 English classes out of 7classes. It's nice and meaningfull but hard. But but I am sure it's a really big chance for us to grow our English ability then! I will work hard !! I will !!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Special bracelets

Kamsahamnida \(>v<)/ Khoop Phrakhun Kha (^人^)
These bracelets were given to me from my special friends. The left one I got was as a Christmas present and the right one was as my birthday present. Friends who gave me these ones were both member of World School. Whenever I see these presents, I remember clearly what I did with them (Of course it doesn't mean I remember them only when I see them). Now we live different countries but they live in my mind. Then it doesn't matter! I have a confidence that I can meet them someday again^^