pinky stones

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My birthday

The special day, the special person...

Yesterday, March 22nd was my 16th birthday. Many friends gave me so nice presents! I really thanks for them. These presents are not all what I got yesterday. I want to show you all but sorry there were many or too big or... a one present, I really can't show you. Because it wasn't a thing. It was... A surprising present? maybe. Anyway it was also a big present^^ And my family gave me presents too. Especially my mother bought very expensive necklace for me! It was a wonderful day yesterday (>v∂*)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy white day

Only you can open my mind...
Good day everyone^^ How are you today? Especially girls, did you receive candies or marshmallows from someone special? I hope you could! By the way in Japan, it is said that the white day was made by the Japanese confectionary company to their profit. Oh what a unromntic stoy this is!! But I heard in Europe, the origin of the white day is different! It is said like one couple had been loved each other, swore their love again on the white day. This is much better also sweet^^ I hope you believe the latter one.
Oh and to someone, thank you...(ノノ*≧~)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blood test...

Pegasus, take me to where my dear is...
Today I had a blood test at my school. It was really really terrible for ME. I envied who had not been afraid>_<。 Even before the test, I was almost dead... Should I write exactly what happened? Sorry but I can't. Still now I am in not that good condition. But but I have to say thanks to my kind friends! They helped me a lot!! One friend closed my eyes off with her hands. Some of them sang a song for me. All my friends asked to me "Are you okay?" Thank you very very much my friends!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Final exam

I am always with you...
I think most of my friends are studying now. Because we are in the exam period.But tomorrow is the last day of the exam! Now I have many things I want to do then after exam, I will get a vacation so I can't wait for. Did you make any plants for the vacation already?
At last, dear my friends! Let's get good score on tomorrow's exam☆★
Try this Omikuji↓What is your fortune about study?

Friday, March 03, 2006


Everlasting my pure heart...

It is the Hinamatsuri (the Doll's Festival) today. Look at your dolls' face. They must be smiling, right? In my house, there is a very big Hinamatsuri set. My grandparents bought for me and my sister when I was born. I heard the set was 500,000yen+o+ Also today I ate Chirashi-zushi, Arare, and I drank Osuimono of Hamaguri. How was the Hinamatsuri day for you? I wish I can sit on the dais wish my lover someday^u^*